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essensys Platform - Telephony - Phone number details - View all details
essensys Platform - Telephony - Phone number details - View all details

How do I view a summary of the current settings for a phone number? | Summary | View all details | Controls

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You can view a summary of the phone number details for any phone number that is currently active.

The details shown include:

  • User and device details - Details of any user or team member assignment, handset labeling (name), Default PIN, and Device details.

  • Phone number settings - Settings for this phone number, including voicemail and call forwarding settings.

  • Call settings - Current settings for the features associated with this number. For example, whether Do not disturb (DND) or Calling line ID (CLI) is currently on or off, and which number is currently used as the Caller ID where CLI is on.

Tip: The details are correct at the point in time when you open the page. If you update a feature (for example, you switch do not disturb on on your logged in handset), that change will be reflected on refresh or the next time you open the page.

View all phone number details

Before you begin

Accessing the Phone number details

  1. Access the phone number details for either the operator or an occupier:

    1. To access the telephony details for the operator:

      • Click Account in the main menu.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

    2. To access the telephony details for an occupier:

      • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

      • Select the <occupier>.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

  2. If the list of phone numbers is not visible (the number of phone numbers is presented), click the drop-down icon.

All of the phone numbers that have been allocated for the selected occupier or the operator at this site are presented in a list.
Tip: You can filter this list using the options to its top-right.

View all phone number details

When hovering your cursor over the phone number:

  • If the phone number is in the ACTIVE state, click View telephone details.

The Phone number details page opens. You can see all of the settings that currently apply for the selected phone number.

Tip: Click Back at the top of the page to return to the Telephony List view.

All phone number details

User & device details



Assigned to

The user or team member that this phone number is assigned to.

Name on handset

A two-part identifying label for the phone number that is displayed on the device for identification purposes.

Default PIN

The Default PIN that is used to log in to the voicemail mailbox, voice portal, and handset for this phone number. This is used the first time you log in or after the PIN has been reset.

Device / handset details:

  • Device type

  • MAC address

  • Log in / out number (phone ID)

The details of the physical device that is associated with the active phone number.

Phone number settings



  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to email

Indicates whether voicemail is currently enabled for this phone number (default), and shows the target email address where voicemail to email is enabled.

Call forwarding

Indicates whether calls to this number are redirected to another number, and describes the forwarding numbers.

Call settings



Call waiting

Indicates whether the phone number user should receive a signal when someone is calling while the number is engaged in another call.

Do not disturb

Indicates whether all calls received for this number should be redirected.

  • CLI

  • CLI number

Indicates whether a different number is displayed as this phone number's caller ID on outbound calls, and specifies what that number is.

Hide caller ID

Indicates whether the outgoing Caller ID is hidden when this phone number calls another number.


Indicates whether the assigned user manages their number using a softphone app.

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