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Importing Call Charges from Connect to Operate
Importing Call Charges from Connect to Operate

How to import your call charges from Connect to Operate

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This article explains how you can upload call charges from Connect to Operate which will allow you to rebill these charges without manually entering them.
If you use the Operate to Connect integration, the process for uploading the charges is slightly different as this matches the charge to the account based on the billing id in Connect - please see this article for more detail.

Step 1 - Add the account code

In order for Operate to match an account from Connect to an account record in Operate, the account record needs to contain a unique code.

To add an account code to your Operate Account Record, first find it in the system using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it. Do not edit the record, simply click to select it.

Next, scroll down to the Account Codes section; click to expand it and click New.

  1. This will be the account record in Operate

  2. To upload Connect Call charges, select 'essensys call logger v2' here

  3. Enter the account name as it appears in Operate here

Step 2 - Export the call charges by site file from Connect

log into then (1) select the location you want to upload the call charges from and navigate to the billing section (2)

In the billing tab, scroll down to the site reports and select the consolidated call charges by tenant report and export this.

Step 3 - Create a batch sheet in Operate using device import

Go to Charges > Device Imports.

  • Click New, then click Begin Import.

  • Choose your Location - Each import is based on the specific location where the charges have incurred. Please make sure that you choose the correct location, from where the charges file you’re importing is coming from. If the wrong location is selected, your charges will not be matched to an account because that account cannot be found in the system, at the location you’ve selected.

Enter your import information:

  • Under Import Type, select 'essensys call logger v2'

  • Select the Product Group to which your charge belongs - usually this would be something along the lines of 'Telephone Charges'.

  • Choose the Product that you are charging for - here we will be selecting 'Call Charges'.

  • Choose a Batch Date - this will be the key date, to which the charges will be billed.

  • Add a Reference Date, specific to the overall charge import.

  • Add Reference Text if needed.

  • Choose the file that you want to import - Browse your computer and upload the file you have just downloaded from Connect to Operate.

  • Click Import  

In the screenshot below, you can see that the first row has been matched and the charge has been created.
The second row has not matched and in order to resolve this, you would need to add a corresponding account code to the account (see Step 1 of this article)

Step 4 - Check and approve the batch sheet

Navigate to charges>batch sheets in the list you will see a batch sheet titled 'essensys call logger v2'

  • Click on the pencil icon to view the batch sheet in edit mode.

Then validate the totals, and finally make sure completed(1) and approved(2) have both been ticked.

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