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Operate - How to link Greetly & sync your member list
Operate - How to link Greetly & sync your member list

Steps on how to sync Operate's member list to Greetly

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Step 1:

  1. Log in to your Greetly account

  2. Click on the icon that displays your name in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select "Account Settings"

  4. In the "Integration API" drop box select "Essensys"

  5. Hit the "Save" button

  6. Next, type in your username (email address) and password in the fields.

  7. Hit the "Save" button again   

Step 2:

  1. Next, click on the Greetly icon in the top left-hand corner to take you back to the home screen

  2. Select "Location Setup"

  3. Scroll down to "Account Integration"

Step 3:

(Please keep the Greetly tab open because this next step will require you to open a second tab):

  1. Next, visit and log into your essensys operate account

  2. Navigate to the "Space" tab and select "Locations" from the drop-down menu

  3. If you have multiple locations, click on "Site name"

  4. In the URL, copy the number at the end following the words that says "view/" (i.e

Step 4: Final Steps

  1. Go back to Greetly "Location" page where you left off at on in Step 3 and paste the number in the "Location ID" section and hit "Save"

  2. Click on "Manage Users"

  3. Finally, click on the 'Sync from Essensys"

This will sync over all contacts associated to an account with an active licence and will create the contacts in Greetly populating the following fields - 

  • First name

  • last name

  • email address

  • account name

  • telephone number


  • Greetly will only sync contacts associated to an account that has an active license and are a record type of 'Account'

  • Vistors that sign in to Greetly are not synced back to Operate, to view these you would need to go to the visitor log in Greetly.

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