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Revoking Portal Access for a Contact

This guide shows you how to restrict a contact's access to the Operate Portal

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If there are times when you need to remove someone from your Portal (such as when a staff member leaves a client organization), you can do it without having to remove the Contact record. Here is how to do so: 

  • Go to Member > Contacts

  • Find the Contact that you would like to remove. 

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the record. 

  • Scroll down and expand the Portal Info section. 

From here, there are two options: 

  • Revoke the Contact's access after a specific date - Find the End Date field and click into it. A calendar tool will display, which you can use to select the end date of your Contact record.  Select the desired date. 

  • Revoke the Contact's access immediately - You can do so by ticking the Disable Portal Access checkbox, under the Portal Info section.

Once the user's access has been disabled (through either method described above), they will see the following message when attempting to log in: "Your access has been revoked, please contact your centre admin". 

Reinstating the Contact's Access

If you need to reinstate the user's access, simply go back to the Contact record and either remove the Contact End Date or untick the Disable Portal Access checkbox. Save your changes for the setting to take effect. 

If you are not seeing the "Contact End Date" and/or "Disable Portal Access" fields, please check the Contact Page Layout and add them. You can read more about this in Customizing Page Layouts in essensys Operate.

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