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Connecting devices that aren't able to connect to WiFi secure

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Some devices that can be added to the username-based wireless network do not have an interface where you can add a username and password. The most common example of this is wireless printers. An alternative to WiFi secure is the network 'WiFi Device'.

This requires you to add the MAC address within connect and then connect to the network just using a password. 

Connecting Wireless Devices

Highlight the Client you wish and choose Wi-Fi Manager in the Clients page.

Choose Additional Devices.

Choose Add.

Locate the device's MAC address. Every device will have a MAC address. This is normally printed on the device but may be found in the device's settings. If you're struggling to find the MAC address, we have an article here

 Enter this number and name the device. Click Save to complete the process.

All devices will appear in the table and can be edited or deleted.

Once you've added all the devices needed into this window, and you can see their names and MAC addresses appearing properly, then you just need to go the printer/device itself and connect to the wireless network called "WiFi Device".

The password will be provided by your centre team. If this is something they don't know, you can raise a case within connect to the request the password.

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