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How to find your MAC address of Your Device
How to find your MAC address of Your Device

This article describes how to find a MAC address on your device

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A MAC address (media access control address) is a unique set of alpha-numeric digits used to identify a device within a network. Every device has one. It can be found printed on the device (e.g. for a phone, it may be on a label on the back) or in user settings.

If you obtain a MAC address, you can then search for the MAC address using the Connect MAC Address Finder, found under Switches.

Select your device below:   

Polycom Handset

To find the MAC Address on a Polycom Handset, you can either check the back of the handset or on through the handsets interface.

MAC Address on the back of the handset: 

To see the MAC Address on the handset menu, select Home key - Settings - Status - Platform - Network - Ethernet - MAC Address is the top line.


Windows Device

  1. Open the command prompt. Right-click on the Start button and select Run and then Type CMD and hit enter.

2. Type in ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your network configuration. 

3. Find your adapter's physical address.
Scroll down to your network adapter and look for the values next to "Physical Address," which is your MAC address.
There are potentially two different physical addresses (MAC address) for your wired connection and wireless connection, pay attention to the name of the device! (pictured is 'Wireless LAN adapter')

How to Find Your MAC Address in the Network Connection Settings

You can also find the MAC address by looking at the details of your network adapter in Windows.

  1. Search "network connections" in the taskbar and select "View network connections."(Or navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections)

2. Right-click on your network connection and select "Status."

3. Click the "Details" button.


Apple Device

These are instructions on how to find the MAC address of your ethernet or wireless networking card in Mac OS X.


Step One
Select System Preferences from the Apple menu at the top left of your screen.

Step Two
Click Network from the System Preferences menu.

Step Three
Choose Wi-Fi from the list of interfaces on the left and click the Advanced button.

Step Four
Choose the Hardware tab under which you will see the MAC address of your wireless card.

Step Five
Press Cancel to return to the Network menu. Choose Ethernet from the list of interfaces on the left and click the Advanced button.

Step Six
Choose the Hardware tab under which you will see the MAC address of your ethernet card.



Tap Settings



Android Phone

Android have many versions so the below may not apply to all Android handsets.

Tap WiFi

  Some Android devices may also use very similar steps to the iPhone instructions above:

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap General

  • Tap About

  • Look for 'wireless address' or similar.



As there are many different brands of printers, most printers have a different set up. The easiest way to find the MAC Address of a printer is to do the following:

Navigate through the settings on the printer's control panel to find an option to print a configuration page. You can sometimes find the option in "Report Settings," "Network Setup," "Print Setup," "Self Test" or a similar menu.


Review the manual that came with the printer for instructions to locate the MAC address if you're unable to find the address following these steps.


Inspect the back and bottom of the unit for a product sticker. Check the label for a 12-digit address.

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