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Member Experience Localisation

Localisation of the Member Portal and Mobile App experience

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The Operate Member Portal and Mobile App localisation allows your members to use these products in a language of their choosing.

Using Localisation

On the Portal

Members can select their language preference on different pages on the portal.

These options can be seen on the following pages:

Login page
Forgot password page
Any page once logged into the portal

Once a language is selected, their portal will continue to show in the language of their choosing.

On the Mobile App

The mobile application will automatically change to match the current default language of your member's mobile device. If the default language is not one of our currently supported languages, the application will show in English.

Languages currently supported

* French

* Canadian French

* German

* Spanish

* US English

Note: Localisation is only supported on the Member Portal and the Mobile App, it does not apply to the Operate platform

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