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Organization Logos in essensys Operate

Adding a Logo to Your Organization in Operate

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You can personalize all of your Operate documents such as invoices, licences or bookings by adding your own branding elements, such as your company logo.

You can add your logo by going to Settings > General, in the main navigation menu; then selecting Organizations. There will be another Organizations subsection - access it to get to the list of organizations that you have added to Operate.

Click the Pencil icon next to the Organization that you want to add a logo for.

Next, scroll down to the Logo section and click Upload image. Next, click Browse image to find it on your computer. You can then rotate (using the Rotate button) or crop your image by dragging the handles around your image Click Crop and Save when you are ready.  

Save your overall profile changes when you are ready. When uploaded, your logo will be made visible on all the documents pertaining to your organization.

Please note that the logo is not displayed in email communication - each user needs to set up an email signature in order to personalize their own messages.

This same section allows you to fully set up your Organization within Operate - Read more about Organization setup. 

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