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Announcements on the Member Portal
Announcements on the Member Portal

Post Announcements on Your Member Portal

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Announcements are a way to broadcast important messages and updates to your members. You can set start and end times for when your announcement will be published so that your messaging is current.

It is recommended that Announcements are only used for relaying important communications to your members.

To add an announcement to your portal, go to Portal > Announcements in your Operate toolbar and simply click New

If you wish the Announcement to be displayed for ALL locations, leave the location field as Not Specified. Otherwise, select your desired location.

Select the publish date and time (when you want it to first appear on the portal). Select the expiry date and time (when it should no longer appear on the portal).

Use the editor to create your Announcement message. The announcement will be added to the page in a block in the center top of the page. There is CSS formatting applied automatically which can be over-ridden with the "!important" tag e.g. if you want to add an image with an absolute size <img src="http://" style="width: 100px!important; height: 100px!important;"> 

Save your changes and you're done!

Once you have announcements set up, you can edit them using the green pencil icon on the left; or delete it using the red 'x" icon.

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