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essensys Platform - Telephony - Phone number details - Name the handset (label)
essensys Platform - Telephony - Phone number details - Name the handset (label)

How do I define a name to display on the handset associated with my phone number? | Edit assigned label | First / last name | Label 1 / 2

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Use a two-part name to identify (or label) a handset. This label will be visible in the phone number list and on a logged in device.

Tip: If you specify a name or label and then assign the phone number, your labels will be overwritten with values from the user or team member during the assignment. By default, these values will be the name of the assigned user or team member.

Name the handset for a phone number

Before you begin

Tip: If you want to assign your phone number to a user or team member, you should assign the phone number and set the name (labels) as part of that action. For more information, see Assign the phone number.

Accessing the Phone number details

  1. Access the phone number details for either the operator or an occupier:

    1. To access the telephony details for the operator:

      • Click Account in the main menu.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

    2. To access the telephony details for an occupier:

      • Click Occupiers in the main menu.

      • Select the <occupier>.

      • Select the Telephony tab.

      • Select the <site>.

  2. If the list of phone numbers is not visible (the number of phone numbers is presented), click the drop-down icon.

All of the phone numbers that have been allocated for the selected occupier or the operator at this site are presented in a list.
Tip: You can filter this list using the options to its top-right.

Naming the handset

  1. When hovering your cursor over the phone number, click Name the handset.

    The Name the handset dialog box opens.

  2. Specify values for Label 1 and Label 2.
    These labels will be displayed on your device as a space-separated name, and used to identify your phone number. Labels are typically used in this way where the phone number is for a shared device that will not be assigned to an individual user or team member.
    Example values: Label 1: Finance, Label 2: Team, giving the handset name "Finance Team".

  3. Click Submit to save your details.
    A message informs you that your phone number is being updated.

  4. Click OK to close the message.

After a short delay, the phone number details are updated. The Assigned to column is updated with your new or updated labels.

Name the handset



Read-only phone number details:

  • Phone number

  • Extension

  • Default PIN

The basic details for this phone number, including the default PIN that is used to log in to the voicemail mailbox, voice portal, and handset for this phone number for the first time. For more information about this PIN, see Reset PIN.

Name the handset:

  • Label 1

  • Label 2

These values are used in combination to provide a two-part identifying label for your phone number. This two-part label is displayed on the device for identification purposes.

Note: Where there is an assigned user, these values are automatically populated with the first name and last name of the assigned user or team member on assignment, but you can override those default values.

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