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How essensys Operate Protects Your Privacy and Data

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We understand that in today’s digital economy, security is key to operating a successful business. That’s why Operate comes with a variety of built-in security solutions and processes to safeguard your service delivery capabilities and customer data. We conduct regular audits to ensure continuous platform security and integrity.

Operate uses enterprise-grade infrastructure and solutions: We operate from geo-redundant, tier 4 data centres located in the UK and USA. The data centres are SSAE16, ISO27001 and PCI-DSS accredited, ensuring physical, network, data, and user security. We use our own enterprise-grade kit for maximum control.

Access to Operate is managed through username and password based authentication. The platform is closed, meaning that access can only be granted by an existing administrator. Passwords are held in a hashed encrypted state within the database.

In addition to this all direct accountancy exports utilise the Operate REST API which is a secure TLS 1.2 service providing encryption. The same security standard is also maintained across all of the Operate API endpoints.

essensys carry out a backup every Operate database on a daily basis, this allows us to restore data to any point should the requirement ever arise. The backups are encrypted and then stored on a secure server to which only a limited number of people have access - each backup is then retained for 60 days and after 60 days the backup is discarded.

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