Operate Billing Settings

Configure related communication, old clients billing, pro rata or multi currency settings

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To configure your system-wide, high level billing settings, go to Settings > General > System > Operate Settings > Billing Settings. Here is where you can:

  • Set up your default templates for your most important billing documents.

  • Configure your invoice email message.

  • Enable or disable a number of billing options for your customer accounts.

  • Enable Multi Currency billing.

Each of these settings can be configured for all of your locations at once, or for an individual building, by selecting it in the Locations dropdown list at the top.

Setting Up Default Billing Templates

The Templates section allows you to select from a list of pre-configured templates, corresponding to the four major billing documents within Operate: Invoice, Credit Note, Proforma and Statement. The template that you select here will be used as default, every time when you create such a document.

Operate comes with pre-configured document templates; however, you can also create your own. Read more on templates and customization!

Configuring Your Default Invoice Email Message

This is the email message that will be sent to your customers, every time when you email them an invoice through Operate’s Automated Invoice Production feature.

Account Billing Options

Here is where you can activate or deactivate the following features (which will reflect within your Accounts and Invoicing modules):

  • Allow old clients to be billed for - Enter the number of months for which you will allow the system to bill old clients, which have and end date set to their Account.

  • Use yearly pro-rata calculation:
    By default Operate calculates pro-rated costs using the following formula:
    (Monthly Cost / Days in Month) * Days to Bill = Pro-Rated Cost

    Enabling this setting will change the formula to:
    ((Monthly Cost * 12) / 365) * Days to Bill = Pro-Rated Cost

  • Enable Bill Days if you would like to set a particular billing day for your customer Accounts, one which is neither the first of the month nor corresponding to their account start date or Licence dates.

  • Enable Withholding Tax - By withholding tax, the payer can choose whether to pay the tax or not. 

Bill Run Options

  • Transfer virtual with rent in bill run - By default, virtual services on licences transfer with the contract services. Ticking this option changes this behaviour so that virtual services transfer with rent. 

Enable Multi Currency

Simply tick the box to enable multi currency billing. This will enable Operate users to select the currency they are working with and convert between currencies when customers make payments.

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