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Operate - Lead Response Options
Operate - Lead Response Options

How You or essensys Operate Can Respond to Leads

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Efficient lead management is key to the success of your organization. This is why, before you set up Operate’s lead features, you need to make procedural decisions on how you will practically handle different situations.

First, understand the most important functionalities, please have a look at the overall lead management process in Operate.

Then, try identifying what types of leads you might receive, then decide how you want to manage them: Do you have prospects visiting your office to address enquiries? Then you might want to add these leads manually into the system. Do you have a LeadDADI account? Then link it to Operate. Are you advertising your space through your website? Then the web to lead feature is the way to go. Identify your lead types, then find the people who should be responsible for them.

How You can Respond to Leads

The most efficient way to respond to leads in Operate is to automatically assign them to specific users./staff. This ensures that your organization is promptly notified of new incoming leads and improves your response times.

Operate provides workflows that you can use to send messages / notifications when leads come in or are updated. You can send emails or SMS messages, for which you can set templates that can be used depending on your lead scenario. For instance, when a lead is converted into an account, you can create a workflow that notifies your lead about the change.

How Operate can Respond to Leads

The same workflow system mentioned above can help you automate certain lead management tasks within Operate. For example, if your internal procedures involve calling new leads, you can set up a workflow that creates a task for someone to call every incoming lead (or new leads that meet certain criteria)

In addition, you can send an instant reply to your leads by setting up Operate to automatically reply to an incoming lead.

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