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Other Products in essensys Operate
Other Products in essensys Operate

Adding Other Products to essensys Operate

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If the Operate predefined product types do not fit the product you want to add, you can still list it in the system. For such situations, we have created a general product type where you can, for example, list food and beverages; or anything else you might need to. Don’t forget that you can Create Record Types to add more types of products.

Start by going to Space > Products, in the top navigation menu. Click New to create a new product and select Product from the list.

Add the product’s basic Information

  • Name your product.

  • Select the Product Group to which the product belongs. In our example, this will be Membership Fees.

  • Select the Location where you are renting the space.

  • Use the Description box below to add details about your product.

  • Upload a Picture.

  • Add a Start Date and End Date between which you want to make the product available.

  • Check the Discontinued box if/when the product is no longer available. 

Add your Pricing

  • Enter the Price.

  • Add the GL code if necessary.

  • Choose the applicable Tax.

  • Markup would normally apply when only one factor (i.e. The purchase price) is used to derive the sales price.  The Markup is an additional amount or percentage you add to the product's list price. 

  • The Markup Type below determines whether your Markup box contains a percentage or an actual amount. 

Add Availability Information

Simply select a location on the left and click the right side arrow to make the product available at that particular location. Click the double arrows to move all listed locations to the right side panel and make the product available in all of them.

Tick any Additional Options

These are additional features which you might want to enable for your product:

  • Can be Zero Price - Check to allow adding your product to customer invoices, even if the price is zero. If this checkbox is unchecked, you will not be allowed to add the product to invoices if it is zero-priced.

  • Can Book On Portal allows the product to be booked directly on your website if you set that up.

  • Product Can Be Bundled allows you to sell this product in a bundle package with other products.

  • Recurring Service - Check this option if the product is a recurring service.

  • Retainer - Enable this if your product represents a deposit/retainer that customers need to provide when renting space.

  • Check SMS Item if this is the case

  • Check Metered Charge if the product you’re creating will be used to charge customers based on metered usage (i.e: electricity).  

If you cannot see any of the fields discussed above, you can add it by customizing the page layout.

When you are ready, click Save  to complete your setup.

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