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Updating Product information in Operate
Updating Product information in Operate

Edit and Update Product Records in essensys Operate

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You can easily update product information in Operate by going to Space > Products. Here is where you will find a list of products that have already been added to your system. Read more about Products in Operate.

To gain access to editing the full product information click the pencil icon next to the record.

To quickly update multiple products in one go, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Select your desired products by ticking the box next to it. Once you have selected one or more products, click the Update button and choose one of the options in the list. For instance, if we want to mark some of our products as Discontinued, we will simply choose the option from the list and confirm our action.

  2. To edit a product, simply click the pencil icon next to the product record. This will open up the full product page where you can edit any detail related to it.

  3. To delete a product, click the red “x” sign ext to the record. You can also select multiple products at once and click the Delete button at the top. 

To quickly update at which of your locations the product is available, simply select it in the list by ticking the box (you can select one or more products), then click Make available at or Make Unavailable at. A list of your locations will pop up - select the one for which you want to update the product's availability.

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