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Operate - Records and Record Types

General Information about Records and Record Types in essensys Operate

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In Operate, a Record refers to a set of information that is either entered by the user within the system, or generated automatically as a result of specific workflows. An example of a record could be a client account that you might set up.

Record types represent a way to categorise records, according to custom criteria. A Record type example can be the kind of customer account you’re setting up; for instance: a broker or prospect.

Here is how you can use record types:

  • Associate Custom Page Layouts containing Standard and Custom Fields

  • Create Custom Views based on Record Type

  • Create Workflows and Auto Assignments based on Record Type

The following modules contain record types: Accounts, Contacts, Inventory Items, Leads, Locations, Movement History, Opportunities, Organizations, Standard Discounts.

Within these modules, new record types cannot be added, but the existing ones can be edited: Locations, Leads, Opportunities, Standard Discounts.

You may customize record types for these modules under the Settings > Customize section.

Please read the dedicated guide on How to customize Record Types in Operate.

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