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Creating and Updating Opportunities in essensys Operate
Creating and Updating Opportunities in essensys Operate

Add New Opportunities to essensys Operate

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Adding a New Opportunity

The best way to create a new Opportunity is by Converting a Lead; however, you can also do this by going to the Sales dropdown menu and click on Opportunities.

Click on the New button to create an opportunity.

Next, choose what kind of opportunity you want to add: For meetings and events, offices, virtual customers and memberships or other opportunities.

Your opportunity creation process will be slightly different, depending on the type of opportunity you create.

Updating an Opportunity

To make changes to an existing opportunity, go to Sales > Opportunities and select your opportunity by clicking the Opportunity Name in the list. If you cannot find it quickly, use the Filter box at the top right to search for a keyword. Alternatively, look for it using the global search next to the Operate logo.

On the opportunity details page, click Actions > Edit to update any information that has been previously added to your opportunity record.

The same Actions menu allows you to Delete the opportunity or Copy it to a new one, where you can have all of the information already entered and only change small elements as needed.

The Change Record Type option allows you to change the category within which this opportunity is added. For example, you can change an Office Opportunity to a Virtual/Membership one.

See Events lets you see the audit trail of the record, which lists the changes that have been made to it.

Quickly Update the Opportunity Stage

If you need to update the opportunity stage faster, you can simply use the Update Stage option, from the options menu, found on the right side of the details page.

  • Checked In - The opportunity has turned into a customer and they have already checked in at your location.

  • Lost - The opportunity has been lost.

  • New Opportunity.

  • Tour Arranged - There is a tour already scheduled for the opportunity.

  • Toured - The prospect has already toured your location.

  • Under Offer - The prospect has received an offer from your organization and is awaiting feedback from the prospect.

Add Notes and Attachments

You can add notes and attachments to an opportunity, from the details page, by going to the Notes and Attachments section.

The New Note button will take you to a screen where you can set a subject then edit your note.

The Attach File button will allow you to browse your computer for the file you want to attach

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