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Using Charge Sheets in essensys Operate
Using Charge Sheets in essensys Operate

Adding Charges with Charge Sheets in essensys Operate

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Charge sheets are the way to easily add charges within Operate when you want to bill the customer directly, without approval. You can use charge sheets to bill clients on ad-hoc product or service purchases.

  • Start by going to Charges > Charge Sheet.

  • If this is the first one being created in the system, then you will need to click Get Started. Otherwise, click New.

  • Choose the customer’s Account Name.

  • Select the Product that you are charging for.

  • Add a Reference - This can be any reference information that you deem important for this particular charge. References are primarily related to billing dates or periods.

  • Add the Quantity.

  • Notice the Unit Price and make sure it’s correct.

  • Select the Tax that is applicable to the product.

  • Add a Billing Period, using the date fields. 

  • Now Save and you’re ready! Your charge sheet will bill automatically, with no need to approve them, Here is how your charge sheets look like: 

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