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Importing Charges into essensys Operate
Importing Charges into essensys Operate

Using Device Imports to Import Charges into essensys Operate

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If your workspace provides facilities that you’re charging variable fees for (such as a telephone, printer or copy machine), you can import those charges and bill them through Operate.

Operate can import standard CSV files or specific formats, generated by a variety of devices or third party software. The imported charges will create a batch sheet in the system, which you can then go through, approve and bill during the Bill Run process.

Good to Know Before You Import

It is very important that you let the system know who it needs to charge. To do this, you will need to add the account codes found in your import file to the customer accounts that corresponds to them in Operate. You only need to do this once, when a new customer is being charged via imports. If the account code is not associated, the system will return an error and will not match the charge to an account.

How to Import Charges?

Here is how to import charges from your device or software:

  • Go to Charges > Device Imports.

  • Click New, then click Begin Import.

  • Choose your Location - Each import is based on the specific location where the charges have incurred. Please make sure that you choose the correct location, from where the charge's file you’re importing is coming from. If the wrong location is selected, your charges will not be matched to an account because that account cannot be found in the system, at the location you’ve selected.

  • Enter your import information:

  • Under Import Type, select the device or software that your import is coming from. In this guide, we will be working with a file that comes from the Elephant Call Logger application. Each import type corresponds to a particular application or device and has its own format (e.g.: column headers may be different, according to the import type). Choose Standard Import to import a .csv file without any format restrictions that are specific to app/device related import types.

  • Select the Product Group to which your charge belongs - in or example, we will be selecting Telephone Charges.

  • Choose the Product that you are charging for - here we will be selecting Call Charges.

  • Choose a Batch Date - this will be the key date, to which the charges will be billed.

  • Add a Reference Date, specific to the overall charge import.

  • Add Reference Text if needed.

  • Choose the file that you want to import - Browse your computer and upload it into Operate.

  • Click Import  

As soon as your file has been imported, Operate will display its contents. Any entries that do not match an existing customer account will be highlighted in red. If this occurs, you will need to add the Account Code that corresponds to the entry to the respective account in Operate, then import the file again.

Once your import goes through, you will find it as a batch sheet under Charges > Batch Sheets.

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