Viewing and Updating Charge Sheets in essensys Operate

View, Edit, Delete and See Charge Sheet Events in essensys Operate

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To view your Charge Sheets, simply go to Charges > Charge Sheets, then find the one you want to view. You might need to filter your list, for easier navigation. The charge sheet information is displayed on one line, so you can view it all at a glance.

Click the product name to view the full charge sheet page. Here is where you will find the basic charge sheet information which are also being displayed in the list entry; as well as System Information (who created and updated the sheet and when), Draft Invoice an Invoice Lines.

Editing Charge Sheets

  • To edit a charge sheet, go to Charges > Charge Sheets and find the one you need to edit.

  • Click the Product Name link.

  • Click the Actions button on the right and select Edit.

  • Make your desired changes, then Save

NOTE: You can only edit the basic information - invoice details are added automatically from any invoices that include the charge sheet.

Deleting Charge Sheets

  1. To delete a charge sheet, go to Billing > Charge Sheets and find the one you need to delete.

  2. Click the product name link.

  3. Click the Actions button on the right and select Delete.

  4. Confirm your action if you are sure you want to delete the sheet.

Viewing Charge Sheet Events

Events display actions that have been taken, with regards to a specific charge sheet.

  • To view them, go to Billing > Charge Sheets; find the one you need and click the product name link.

  • On the detailed page, click Actions and choose View Events. 

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