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Inventory Items in essensys Operate
Inventory Items in essensys Operate

Using Inventory Items in essensys Operate

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Operate Inventory items represent items that are being used within your business, but are not necessarily sold as standalone products. Examples of inventory items could be furniture or keys.

To add a new inventory item, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Space, in the main navigation menu, then select Inventory items. Here is where you will find a list of any items that might have already been added into the system.

  2. To add a new item, click New. This will take you to the New Inventory Item screen where you can enter further information; as shown in the example below; where we are adding an access card.  

  • Enter the name of your item so that you can easily identify the record later on.

  • Select a Group from the dropdown. If the new item you want to add does not belong to any of the listed groups, click the “+” sign to create a new one. Enter your group name and click Save. 

  • Selet the Location of your inventory item. Use the “+” sign to add a new Location.

  • Chose where you want to make the item available - Simply select the desired location (in the left side field) and click the right arrow in the first row. Clicking the right arrow in the second row will make the item available at all listed locations.  

  • Enter a part number - If you already have a system of reference for part numbers, you can use it here. You can also use product series (e.g.: SKUs) or enter your own numbers which you can keep track of according to pre-existing inventory items. You can check your list and use consecutive part numbers.

  • Start entering ordering information, by adding a standard unit cost.

  • Enter the standard unit price.

  • Select a Manufacturer from the dropdown list or use the “+” sign to add a new one.

  • Select a Seller or add a new one using the “+” sign.

  • Enter the Lead Time.

  • Use the Custom text fields under the Additional Info section to enter anything else related to your inventory item.

  • Add notes if needed.

Save your inventory items and it will immediately be made available in your list under Space > Inventory items.

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