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Adding Offices as Product Records to Operate

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Offices represent private office space that you rent to your customers on a recurring basis, typically via a licence. You may also choose to configure desks which are rented on a longer term basis as an office in order to report on these via your occupancy forecast reports.

To get started, go to Space > Products, in the top navigation bar. Click Get Started if there is no product in your system, or New if there is.

  • Select Office.

  • Add the basic information needed for your product:

  • Name your office and add an Online Alias.

  • Add some basic data, such as the Office Status and Product Group which in our example is Rent - due to the fact that this is a space that is being rented in its entirety, on the basis of a fixed monthly fee.You can set up your own product groups and choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • Choose the Location of the office and select an Office Type - You can create a new type by clicking the “+” sign next to the list. 

  • Add Reference Text if needed.

  • Add office characteristics such as the Office Size - in square feet; the Number of  Workstations, the number of Ports, the floor on which it is located; details on the quality of the space, as well as the GL code.

  • Upload a photo of your office - Use the Upload Image button, then browse your computer for the one you need.

  • Add a Description - Here is where you can add details about the space.

  • Add a Start and End Date to determine the period within which you want to make this office available.

  • Note the Discontinued Checkbox - This will need to be ticked if you will want to discontinue the office in the future.

  • Add the Price of the office.

  • Select a Retainer Product.

  • Select the Tax rate applicable to the office.  

  • Add Availability Information - Simply select a location on the left and click the right side arrow to make the product available at that particular location. Click the double arrows to move all listed locations to the right side panel and make the product available in all of them.  

Add additional Information:

These are additional features which you might want to enable for your office:

  • Can be Zero Price - Check to allow adding your product to customer invoices, even if the price is zero. If this checkbox is unchecked, you will not be allowed to add the product to invoices if it is zero-priced.

  • Can Book On Portal allows the product to be booked directly on your website if you set that up.

  • Product Can Be Bundled allows you to sell this product in a bundle package with other products.

  • Recurring Service - Check this option if the product is a recurring service.

  • Retainer - Enable this if your product represents a deposit/retainer that customers need to provide when renting space.

  • Check SMS Item if this is the case

  • Check Metered Charge if the product you’re creating will be used to charge customers based on metered usage (i.e: electricity).  

If you cannot see any of the fields discussed above, you can add it by customizing the page layout.

When you are ready, click Save  to complete your setup.

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