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Adding Notes and Attachments to an essensys Operate Account
Adding Notes and Attachments to an essensys Operate Account

Add Notes and Attach Files to essensys Operate Account Records

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You can add notes and attach files to an account by first finding it into the system using the global search box next to the Operate logo or by going to Member > Accounts; where you can find it in the list and select it. Do not edit the record, simply click to select it.

Scroll to the Notes and Attachments section - Here is where you will find a New button that allows you to add a note; and an Attach File button that lets you to add a file attachment to the account.

The New Note button will take you to a screen where you can set a subject then edit your note.

The Attach File button will allow you to browse your computer for the file you want to attach

This section also lists any documents you email to your customer - such as Invoices or Credit Notes. Please note that the documents will only be listed after having been printed or emailed. For instance, you will not see any Invoices or Credit Notes which have only been approved and not printed or emailed. 

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