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Client Management in Connect
Client Management in Connect

An overview of Connect's Client page.

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The Clients page is located in the Menu bar at the top of the screen and can be accessed once a client has been selected from the dropdown menu on the right of the screen. From the clients page you can edit clients, manage office space, view bills, manage and purchase products and services, view broadband usage, manage telephone services, manage users and wifi and find network info. Selecting a client allows you to use functions related to that client.

The client at the top of the list is always your management client, meaning it's the client that is used to allocate users and services for your staff. To learn more about your staff users, click here.

Client Management Screen

Client: Shows a list of clients registered at the site. The top client is your management client. See intro for more details.
Status: Shows all new and active clients, inactive clients can be viewed by clicking the ‘view inactive clients’ link on the bottom left of the page. Client status can be:

  • Active – within contract date

  • Inactive – contract has expired

  • Suspended – Suspending a client prevents them from using the Internet, and from making outbound telephone calls. Local Network connectivity will still work, as will inbound telephone calls. The client will continue to be billed for all services for the duration of the suspension.

  • New – the client has been partially added using New Client Wizard but client creation process is incomplete or the client is not yet activated. This can be done in Client > Edit > Edit Status. See Edit Client for more details.

  • Scheduled - specified start date is in the future.

Office: Shows offices used by residential clients. Virtual clients will be indicated.

  • Residential Clients rent physical office space within the building to which services are provisioned. The client then operates from within that building.

  • Virtual Clients do not operate from the building but can be provisioned with telephony services. This way they have a phone number and address for correspondence, without a physical office space.

Start date: This is the date the client’s contract commences and services are provisioned.
End date: This is date is not related to provision of service but is used to manage room allocation. It is set to 1 year after the start date by default. It can be altered in Edit.
Billing ref: Reference number used by you and the client when finding billing information within Connect. This can be set by Connect at client creation, or can be set by the client for use within their own billing system.

Actions from the Clients page

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