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Operate - Transferring a Licence When the Client Moves Offices
Operate - Transferring a Licence When the Client Moves Offices

General essensys Operate Office Move Procedure

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When a customer moves offices within the same building, their Operate licence needs to be transferred. 

Find Their Existing Licence

Go to Member > Licences and look for the customer's licence. You can use the filter box to search for the licence or customer account. Once found, edit the licence using the pencil icon next to it. Otherwise, click into the licence and select Actions > Edit on the detail page. 

Check Billing

Have a look at the Charges attached to the licence and see what has been billed on the licence, to ensure that you are not billing again after transferring the licence. 

Check the Start and End Date

These dates will determine when your transferred licence should take effect. 

Transfer the Licence

While in the Licence Editing Mode, click Transfer.  

Choose the Transfer Date and Reason

First, select the Transfer Date - This is the date the rent is effective from in the new office. Next, record the Reason for Transfer and Movement Type. 

When clicking Transfer Licence, the setup will be completed. 

Adjust the New Licence

As soon as your existing licence has been transferred, a new one is created and presented to you on-screen. It will be a copy of the existing licence, which you can adjust as needed. It's worth updating the Opportunity Type and recording the move as an Upgrade, Downgrade, etc.

Make the Office Change

To make the office change on the new licence, delete the existing office (ensure that you are doing this on the new, draft licence, not on the old one); then simply add the new one. Here is how to add an office to a licence

You can also add additional services if the customer requires it.

NOTE: If you don't want to bill the new office, uncheck invoice now. The rent will be picked up by the invoicing module when the licence is activated. 

NOTE 2: The deposit is auto calculated based on the new rent or will be topped up if this does not change.

Save the licence when ready.

Sign the Licence

When you are ready to send your licence agreement to be signed by your customer, simply edit the licence using the pencil icon next to it, then click Preview Licence

On the licence preview screen, you can view the licence agreement, as well as all other related documents: Standing Order, Direct Debit Instructions, Proforma Invoice. Tick the box next to the documents you want to send, then Print or Email them. 

When you receive your signed documents, you can go back to the licence and activate it, by clicking the Activate button. 

On the activation page, you can make changes to Financial Data, Payment Methods or Invoice Method and options if needed. 

Select the Movement Type and click Activate Licence. If you haven't invoiced the customer yet, then this will be done now. 

This ends the office move process. It is now recorded into your Operate  system onto a new Licence, according to the new space that the customer now Operate.

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