Among the available filters within your Calendar, you will find the Groups filter. 

The function of the Groups Filter

It allows you to select between different product groups that you have made available for booking through the calendar. 


The main benefit of this filter is that it allows you to view the calendar that corresponds to the Product Group you filter by. This makes it much easier to see what space is still available and facilitates a faster booking process. 

For example, if you are accepting bookings for both meeting rooms and desks, this filter allows you to easily see the availability of each individual Product Group. 

Configuring the Groups Filter 

The groups filter picks up the Product Groups that have been marked as Reservation Product Groups

Adding/Removing a Product Group to/from the filter 

  • Go to Space > Product Groups and find the one you need. 

  • Edit it using the pencil icon next to it.

  • On the editing page, tick the Reservations Product Group box if you want to add it to the calendar or untick the box if you want it removed. 

  • Save your change.

To reiterate: 

  • Product Groups on which Reservations Product Group is ticked will appear under the Calendar Groups filter.

  • Product Groups on which Reservations Product Group is unticked will not appear under the Calendar Groups filter.

Ordering Product Groups within the Filter

The order of Product Groups within the filter is alphabetical. For the moment this cannot be changed. 

The filter will default to the first group, alphabetically.

If you need a specific group to be displayed first, so that the Groups filter defaults to it, then simply name it in such a way so that the first letter comes before the others. 

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