If you need to find out when your users have last logged in, there are two methods you can use: You can either add a column that adds the date corresponding to each user; or you can create a report that lists it, again, for each user.

1. Add a Column to your Users List

  • Go to Settings > General > General/Getting Started > Users

  • Select the list view you want to add the column to, then click the Pencil icon next to it.. 

  • You are now editing the list view. Scroll down to the Fields to Display section. 

  • Find Last Logged In, in the list on the left (available fields you can choose from),

  • Select Last Logged In then click the arrow towards the right. This will add the field to your list view.  

The list view that you have just edited will now display a Last Logged in column, where you will find the date and time when each user has logged in. If the field is blank for any particular user, then th at user has never logged in. 

2. Create a Custom Report

You can include user last login information into a report as follows: 

  • Go to the Reports section and click New

  • Search for "users" and select the Users report in the search results. 

Build your report as needed and when you would like to add Last login information, simply search for the field and drag it onto your report.  

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