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Tailoring the Online Plan URL for Multiple Websites
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A scenario for using Online Plans is to re-use the same URL Link, as generated by Operate, and tailor this for each website page from which the Online Plans will be sold.

In this way, one can set different values to ‘tag’ the Accounts created for each sale of the Online Plan, and then compare those Accounts in reports afterwards.

Such a report may highlight which website pages have been most useful in generating sales of Online Plans.

To facilitate this, Operate has three Standard Fields for Account. These are optional text fields and are:

  • Web Channel

  • Primary Source

  • Secondary Source

One can decide whether or not to make these available on the User Interface by changing the Page Layout using Operate Settings. One may, or may not decide to only set these through automation and not allow the values to be set manually. Refer to Customizing Page Layouts in essensys Operate.

To make the best use of these fields, decide which values are to reflect the different websites through which Online Plans will be offered.

Set up your Online Plan. Refer to Member Portal: Creating Online Plans.

Setting the Account Fields from Online Plan

From the Online Plan, click on the Preview Plan Link. This opens in a new Tab in your browser.

Inspect the URL in this new Tab.

The URL will end with three parameters:


Customising the Online Plan URL

Copy the URL and duplicate if for each website through which the Online Plan is to be offered.

For each website, decide which values of these attributes are to be used.

Enter these values into the URL String.

According to URL Encoding, the following will be accepted:

  • Lower and Upper Case

  • Special Characters, e.g. %20 for Space

For example, replace:




In this example, any Accounts created, when the Online Plan is sold, will have field values:

  • Web Channel = Company Website

  • Primary Source = Via Broker

  • Secondary Source = Office Gold Campaign

Hand the amended URL Strings to the website manager for placing on the website page.


Refer to Operate Reports Overview on how to build and view reports of Operate data.

When reporting on Accounts created, ensure that your report uses the Data Source Module for Accounts. Also ensure that fields are added for the following Accounts data items:

  • Web Channel

  • Primary Source

  • Secondary Source

Refer to Using Advanced Filters in essensys Operate Reports if you wish to filter the data for records with particular values of the above fields.

Use the values in these fields to identify from which website page the Account was created.

Copy Values over for Converted Leads

The following fields also exist for Leads:

  • Web Channel

  • Primary Source

  • Secondary Source

Refer to Tailoring Web To Leads HTML for Multiple Websites to see how values for these fields may be set for when the Lead is identified using Web To Leads.

The fields may also be set when the Lead is identified using Zapier. Refer to Zapier for essensys Operate.

Refer to Converting a Lead in essensys Operate for details on how a Lead can be converted into a new Account when the Lead has been qualified.

When the Lead is converted into a new Account, the values of the above fields will be copied to the fields of the same name in Account.

When the Account data is then reported, this can show both from the the Online Plan Account sale was obtained and from where the Converted Lead was originally identified. Filters can be used to focus on particular scenarios.

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