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essensys Platform - Advanced networking - DHCP

What is DHCP and what is it used for? | How and when would I disable DHCP? | Network info | Occupier

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DHCP is the protocol used to provide and distribute the IP addresses to devices within a network.

By default, essensys will centrally manage DHCP. If occupiers would like to manage the DHCP themselves, the operator can disable the DHCP scope for them in the essensys Platform.

Note: You should only disable the DHCP scope if the occupier has a Public IP service and the occupier's IT team has requested this. For more information, see Public IP and Unmanaged Networks.

Disable DHCP

Before you begin

  • The occupier must have network devices that use a public IP, and must have been assigned a Public IP service accordingly.

Disable DHCP

  1. Click Occupiers, select the occupier whose DHCP you want to disable, click the Network info tab.
    The Network info page opens.

  2. If DHCP is currently ENABLED, click the Enabled toggle to disable DHCP.

    A confirmation dialog box opens.

  3. If you are sure that you want to disable the DHCP scope for this occupier, confirm by clicking Disable.

The confirmation dialog box closes. The DHCP scope is updated to PENDING while the change is processed.

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