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Meeting room and desk bookings using essensys Credits
Meeting room and desk bookings using essensys Credits

This will guide will take you through how essensys Credits are used for meeting room and desk bookings.

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Bookings paid using essensys Credits

Customers with a client type that uses essensys Credits will allow them to book meeting rooms and desks and be charged with a credit value, rather than with cash. Members can book rooms and desks via the Member Portal and Mobile App, or you can book on behalf of the member via the Operate Calendar. Any additional services that are added at the time of booking will also be charged in credits.

If you are booking the room or desk via the Operate Calendar on behalf of the member, you can book the resource even when the mmeber has 0 credits available, regardless of whether the member is set to on account or not. This will take the member's balance into a negative state. In order to charge them for the negative balance, you can add more credits to their account via the point of sale, or by creating a charge sheet.

Members will not be able to book for themselves on the Portal/Mobile App- if they do not have sufficient credits. They would need to purchase a credit pack that covers both the negative balance and the credits required for the booking. For example, if a customer has a -50cr balance and buys a 100cr pack, their balance will become 50 credits. If the booking they want to make does not require more than that, they will be able to book.

Credits are taken at the time the booking takes place, not the time the room or desk was booked. This means that credits available on the account now may not be valid for future purchases, and may bring the customer into negative credits.

This behaviour is intentional, to allow you as an operator to still book for customers with no credits, if you so choose.

Booking Cancellations and Credits

Please note that Cancellation Policies do not apply when the customer is charged for the meeting room or desk using essensys Credits. If you need to charge for a cancellation, you can use the Point of Sale to do so.

The credits spent on a cancelled booking will be refunded automatically unless the booking has already started at the time of the cancellation. If you wish to refund your customer for a booking that has already started, you will need to add credits to their account via a charge sheet or point of sale.

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