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essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Bandwidth usage by application
essensys Platform - Operations - Reports - Bandwidth usage by application

How do I know which of an occupier's applications are using the most bandwidth? | Application | Protocol |

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The essensys Platform provides a number of bandwidth graphs, allowing you to view bandwidth usage at your sites. This lets you manage services, troubleshoot problems (resolving contention, for example), and analyze your occupier or operator usage.

Use the Applications pie chart to view the bandwidth usage by the occupier's applications or protocols.

Tip: You can return to the reports home page by clicking Reports from the main menu.

Bandwidth usage by application

Access the bandwidth reports

All site reports are located in the Operations section of the essensys Platform. To open the correct section:

  1. In the main menu, click Operations.
    The Operations page opens. By default, Reports is selected from the overhead menu.

  2. Under Network reports, click Bandwidth.

The Bandwidth usage report opens. By default, the report shows a summary of the Site Bandwidth Usage view of today's data.

Show the occupier's bandwidth usage by application

The Applications report is a pie chart that shows the combined upload and download bandwidth usage by different protocols / applications.

Info: Different protocols are used when data is transferred between endpoints. For example, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used for normal web browsing. Some protocols are only used for specific things, which is why commonly used sites such as MS Services or Windows Update are identified and displayed on the pie chart.

  1. Select the appropriate site from the Site Selector.

  2. From the View drop-down list, select the name of your occupier beneath the pipe type. For example:

    • Select Dedicated > essensys to view the bandwidth usage for the essensys occupier on their dedicated pipe.

  3. From View, click Applications.

The Applications report opens.

From this view you can:

  • Hover your cursor over the named sections of the pie chart to view the name of the application or protocol that the slice refers to.

    Note: The Other slice represents those applications that have each used less than 5% of the total bandwidth.

  • Click on a slice that represents a named application (not Other) to open an IP breakdown report for the selected application. Notes:

    • The pie chart shows the IP breakdown for the selected application only.

    • The breadcrumb trail updates to include IP Breakdown and the application name. In the following case, the selected application is MS Services:

    • An additional back button above the graph allows you to navigate back to the Applications graph.

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