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How to Preview Templates in Operate Using Live Customer Data
How to Preview Templates in Operate Using Live Customer Data

This article explains how to preview Operate document templates with customer data

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There are a number of templates you can create within Operate and all of them can be previewed with customer details.  Visit this area of our Knowledge Base to learn more about creating each of the templates discussed here.

There is a standard preview window that all documents use (except for email templates). This previewer allows you to switch between the available templates. 

Some templates cannot be previewed without making changes to customer accounts/adding new information to Operate. If you want to make sure that you do not alter any customer data, then please create a test Account and always use it when you want to preview a particular template. 

The templates that you cannot preview with customer data without recording information into Operate are: 

  • Booking Provisional and Cancellation Forms - can only be viewed if you create a provisional booking or you cancel one (either confirmed or provisional).

  • Payment Receipt Templates - can be viewed when recording a payment in Accounts Receivable.

  • Till Receipt Templates - can be previewed when completing an order in the PoS. You will be asked if you want to generate a receipt and need to click yes for it to go through.

Below is how you can preview all other available templates:

  • Credit Note Templates can be previewed under Invoicing > Credit Notes. Select any credit note and click 'Preview at the top of the list.

  • Document Templates - These include Standing Order and Direct Debit Document Templates, which can be previewed along with the other Licence Documents. All of them are available by clicking 'Preview Licence', in the Licence editing screen. If you don't need to create a new Licence, you can use an existing one to preview these documents.

  • Email Templates can be viewed anywhere an Email option is available. For example, under Member < Accounts, select an account and click 'Send Email'. In the email editor, you will have the option to select a template. As soon as you do so, if the template uses merge fields, these will be automatically replaced with customer specific information.

  • Function Sheet Templates can be viewed in the Calendar: Click on any booking to select it, then click 'Function Sheet' on the right.

  • Invoice Templates can be viewed by going to Invoicing > Invoices > selecting any invoice then clicking 'Preview', at the top left of the list.

  • Licence Templates can be viewed by clicking 'Preview Licence', while editing a new or existing Licence.

  • Proforma Templates can be viewed the same way as the Licence Template, by clicking 'Preview Licence', while editing a new or existing Licence

  • Reservation Confirmation Templates can be previewed by clicking any confirmed booking then selecting the 'Booking Form' button on the right.

  • SMS Templates can be viewed in the |SMS message editor, on any page that has this option, for example on a Contact page.

  • Statement Templates are available in Accounts Receivable - select any customer, then click 'Statement'.

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