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essensys Platform - Advanced Telephony - Speed dial

How do I make a request to set up speed dials for individual phone numbers? | Speed dial |

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For each phone number, you can build a directory of "favorite" phone numbers, which can be called using speed dial short codes. To define speed dial for a phone number, provide the base phone number and a list of the speed dial mappings that you want to be available from that number.

Example: I can configure base number 02038888888 to have speed dials, including code 2, which maps to my "work" number 02039999999. This configuration allows me to dial #02 from the handset associated with my base number to call my "work" number.

Tip: If you create a speed dial spreadsheet as in the example, you do not need to duplicate the information in the description. Instead, you can attach the spreadsheet to 1) the case that is created by this process or 2) a reply to your case creation email notification.

Set up speed dial

Create a ticket

  1. Click Request a telephony configuration change > Speed dial.
    The Raise a case dialog box opens. All fields apart from the description are pre-populated with appropriate details.

  2. In the Description field, enter the information that you require for your occupier's speed dial settings. For each set of speed dials that you want to define, include:

    • A base phone number. The number that the speed dials can be dialed from.

    • The speed dial mappings. The target phone number, two-digit key code (between 02 and 48), and name for an individual speed dial.
      For more information about the details you need to supply, see Speed dial description.

  3. Click Submit.
    A case is created. After a short delay, you will receive an email notification indicating details of the case and its case ID.

Once your speed dial is set up, essensys will contact you.

What next?

If you need to supply us with more information, you can:

  • Add comments and attachments to the case in Operations > Support.

  • Reply to the email notification that you receive with more information or attachments.

Use speed dial

From the handset associated with one of the base phone numbers:

  • Dial # and then any two-digit speed dial code.
    For example, if you want to reach the phone number with the speed dial code of 2, dial #02. The phone number is called.

Detail reference

Speed dial description

To set up speed dial, you need to supply the following details:




Base phone number

The phone number that you want to make calls from using speed dial.

Required. To set up speed dials, you need to tell us which number or numbers the codes can be used from.

For each mapping:

Target phone number

The phone number that will ring when the speed dial code is typed.

Required. You need to tell us which number should be called when the speed dial code is dialed.

Speed dial name

The short name to identify this number. For example, "home", "work", or "husband".


Speed dial code

The two-digit code that you dial to reach the target phone number. For example, "02".

Note: This is a number between 02 and 48.

Optional. If you do not supply this code, the next available number will be used.

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