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essensys Platform - Advanced Networking - Understanding what's in your Comms Room or IT Closet
essensys Platform - Advanced Networking - Understanding what's in your Comms Room or IT Closet

Using the tools and devices your comms room may contain

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Below you will find information to assist you in becoming more comfortable with the equipment in your comms room or IT Closet.


You may find your switches look like the below, to manage these and update the Switch Ports to assign them to Occupiers see this guide here.




Depending on the model of switch, you will have 8, 24 or 48 copper ports available + 4 fibre ports.

  • Copper ports are used to connect to your floor ports, via the patch panel

  • Fibre ports are used to link to switches on other floors or in other buildings

  • If a fibre port is in use, you cannot use the copper port with the same number

The physical lights above the switch ports can be helpful in letting you know the status of a port,

  • Green - device connected & in use

  • Orange - device connected, but port not configured

  • No light - no device connected

Please note that the ports along the top of the switch are all odd numbers, and the ports along the bottom are all even numbers. Please ensure you double-check you have the correct switch port number when checking these.

Stacking Cable

Switches can be linked together to form a stack, and each switch within the stack is referred to as a slot. To link the switches, a stacking cable is used.​

​To link the switches, stacking cables should be connected from port 2 on the first switch to port 1 on the next, and so on. On the last switch, port 2 should be linked back to port 1 on the first switch to complete the loop.

​You can have up to 8 slots in a stack.

Patch Panel

The cables running from your floor / wall ports are terminated on patch panels by your cabling contractor. The numbers along the top of these panels should correspond to the numbers in your rooms.

To patch a floor / wall port, you should connect a PatchSee cable from the port on the patch panel to a port on the switch.

To manage your Floor Ports in Platform see this guide here.


A Mediatrix is a type of analogue telephone adapter, which allows you to use analogue devices such as fax machines on your digital essensys system. Once a Mediatrix port has been configured (via a Platform case), you can patch from your floor/wall port patch panel to the Mediatrix (instead of to the switch).

Our standard 24 port model comes with a separate patch panel, which connects via a cable to the front of the Mediatrix. Smaller models have the ports on the Mediatrix device itself.​


An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is installed to power your circuits and primary switch. This provides a temporary emergency back-up power source, in the event of a mains power supply failure.

The UPS is usually mounted within your rack, but if there is limited space then a floor standing version may have been installed instead.

The power cables that run between the UPS and the devices it's powering are orange IEC to IEC power cables.

PatchSee Light

A tool that can be used to easily trace a cable from one end to the other, saving you time and keeping the cables tidy.
Please note that this will not work on standard RJ45 cables, so it's important to use only essensys provided cables for all patching in your comms room,

​How to use the light:

PatchSee Cables

PatchSee cables should be used for all comms room patching, to allow cables to be traced using the PatchSee lamp. essensys will use these for patching during the initial installation, but if you require additional cables then please request via a Platform case.
If you're unsure whether a cable is PatchSee or not, check the locations shown on the picture below - all PatchSee have these fibre optics.

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