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Demystifying the comms room
essensys Platform - Demystifying the comms room - Introduction
essensys Platform - Demystifying the comms room - Introduction
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In this series of help guides we'll take you through your comms room located within your site and what's inside them and how they work, we'll also guide you to

Where is my comms room?

This video will take you through where your Comms room is normally located and how to access, this can change site to site and is depending on how your site was initially fitted out.

What's in your comms room?

In this video we will go through what's within your comms room.

The comms room is where your internet connection is "divided up" for your internet connection.

The Basics

You'll also want to make sure;

  • It's secure with a Door you can lock and unlock.

  • There are no water pipes running through the room(to avoid water leaks)

  • Temperature, the room must be kept cool so make sure there is working Air Conditioning

  • Power, normally power is provided by a commando socket which can be provided within the floor or up on the ceiling, these then feed into the Power Suppliers or Uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

How is it all connected?

How is it all Connected Part 2

If you want to understand how this translates to Platform you can view the Spaces section of the Platform here.

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