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Removing a Payment from Operate's Accounts Receivable Module
Removing a Payment from Operate's Accounts Receivable Module

A guide to removing a payment from Operate

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There are situations when you may need to remove a Payment from your Operate Accounts Receivable. These may include payments added by mistake, payments with incorrect information or that may nee removal in order to make accounting adjustments. 

Please be aware that only payments that have not been  exported to any third party accounting system should be deleted. If payments have been exported, it is not recommended to delete them in Operate as it may cause differences in balance between systems. 

If you are sure that the payment can be deleted without issues, then please follow the steps below: 

  • Go to Invoicing > Accounts Receivable

  • Find the customer for which you want to remove the payment. 

  • In the Transaction s section, find the payment and click the red "x" sign next to it. 

  • The payment will be immediately removed from the system. 

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