The Multiple Booking feature allows you to book one or multiple rooms for the same customer, all in one go.

To start creating a multiple booking, go to Calendar in the main menu, then click the Multiple Booking button on the right, on top of your calendar view.

Add General Information

Select the customer account for which this booking is being made, then choose a contact and name your booking.

Add Bookings

Here is where you can add your bookings. Select the room that you want to book, add the booking date and times, Click Add Another Booking to add a new one. You can select the same room and a different date/time; or you can select a different room, which you can book for the same date/time or for different timings.

Add Catering and Facilities

If your customer also requires catering during this booking, you can add it below, under Catering and Facilities. Simply select the product, add reference text if needed, enter the quantity, check that the price, tax and total are correct. Click Add a New Line to add more catering and facilities for the booking.

Confirm your Booking

Click the Confirm button when you are happy with your booking setup.

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