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Xero Accounting Export Setup for Operate
Xero Accounting Export Setup for Operate

Configure Operate and Xero for your financial exports

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If you use Xero as your Accounting Package, there is some configuration that you will need to do to prepare Operate and Xero to enable you to export your invoices successfully. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. The Account ID and Account Name fields in Operate must match the Account Number and Account Name fields in Xero

Ensure that the Operate Account ID and Account Name (found in Member > Accounts) matches the Xero account/customer number and customer name respectively. 

Step 2. The Email field in Operate must contain a valid email address

You will find the Email field on all Account records under Member > Accounts. You can easily see which accounts don't have an email by customizing the columns of your list view and adding the Email column, if there isn't one already.

Step 3. The Payment GL Codes in Operate and Xero need to be identical

In Operate, you need to set up Payment GL Codes on all Products, to match the ones in Xero. When you run the export for the first time or you add new products to either systems, please check Space > Products and edit any product that does not have a Payment GL Code. You can use list views here as well to easily see which products don't have a Payment GL code (you can add the Payment GL Code column to the list - Please read the dedicated guide on Using List Views for more details).

Step 4. Taxes need to be identical in both Operate and Xero

In Operate, go to: Settings > General > Organizations > Taxes and edit the Standard VAT / Tax Rate. Here is where the Tax Code field will need to be set to match the tax codes within your accounting system.  

Step 5 - Set Up Your Organization Specific Export

  • Go to Settings > Integrations and open the Xero Export.

  • Select your Organization on the next screen. 

  • Select Set Up

  • Next, select the date after which you would like to process payments

  • Enter your Tax Input and Output Type - Please see the tax types listed within Xero's documentation and use the one that corresponds to the type of tax your export requires, as well as your location. Our example below is using the Global INPUT and OUTPUT values. 

  • Select the Invoice Branding Theme you are using within Xero. 

  • Enter the name by which your chosen Organization is known as in Xero.

  • Select which Operate Account details you wish to be exported to the Primary Person in Xero, either:

    • Contact: Use the name of the Account's Contact to be the Primary Person’s first name and does not set their last name.

    • First and Last Name: Use the First and Last Names within the Account to set the names of the Primary Person.

    • Leave: Does not change the Primary Person’s names from what is already set in Xero.

  • Select which Operate Account email address you wish to be exported to the Primary Person in Xero, either:

    • Account Email: Use the Account’s Email address to set the address for the Primary Person

    • Account Invoice Email: Use the Account’s Invoice Email address to set the address for the Primary Person

  • Save your Setup when you're ready,

Once completing this setup, you can proceed with your Xero Export.

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