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Scheduling a Report in Operate

Use Operate to Schedule a Report to Be Sent to Staff on a Regular Basis

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This article will explain how you can schedule reports within Operate. For more detail about reports, please see the following: 

For some of the Operate reports, you have the option to schedule them at a specific date and time and automatically send them to a relevant member of staff. For the moment, only custom reports can be scheduled. Standard (pre-configured) Operate reports cannot be scheduled. You will easily recognize custom reports by the red “x” sign next to them which tells you that the report may be deleted (an option only available for custom reports).

Scheduling a Report

Start by accessing the Reports section, from the main navigation menu.

Open an existing report, then click Schedule on the right side of your screen.   

You will now be presented with a dialog box that allows you to schedule your report. Your schedule can send the report more or less frequently: Once only, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Your scheduling options will be different, according to the frequency. Let’s take a look at each option:

  • Once only - For this option, all you need to do is set the date and time when the report should be sent out. 

  • Daily - This sends your report on a daily basis, to the people you select. Simply choose how often you would like to send the report, then choose the time of the day when it should be sent.

  • Weekly - For this option, just select how often you would like to send the report, check the checkbox corresponding to the day of the week when the report should be sent, then choose the time of the day.  

  • Monthly - Select how often you would like to send the report, then chose if you want to repeat by day of the week or day of the month. If you choose the day of week, then you will be able to select which weekday within the month the report should be scheduled for. (e.g.: Every 2nd Monday of the month). If you choose a day of the month, then you can simply select this day (e.g.: Every 5th day of the month). Next, select the time of the day when the report should be sent out. 

  • Yearly - To set up a yearly report, first select how often you would like to send it out e.g.: every one year); then chose the day and month when the report should be sent, as well as the time. 

  • Regardless of the schedule you choose, Operate will confirm when the report will be sent out by showing you the schedule right underneath the options.   

Next, select who should receive the report. Click a name in the list or click and drag to select multiple names.         

Click Save to finalize your report schedule.

Viewing and Deleting Schedules

You can see all reports that you and your colleagues have scheduled by selecting Scheduled Reports.

Here you will see a list of all scheduled Reports that have been set up. If the same report has been scheduled more than once, it will appear in the list more than once.

You can see who scheduled the report, the frequency, when it was last sent (if applicable), and when it is next due to send. 

From here, you can select x to delete any instance of a scheduled report.

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