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Operate Calendar Icons and Colour Coding
Operate Calendar Icons and Colour Coding

This article explains the icons and colours displayed within the Operate Calendar

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Operate uses icons and colour coding to make it easier for you to visually identify different types of bookings as well as the stage they are in.


The icons are placed onto the booking slot, right next to the name.

The Calendar uses icons as follows:

This icon shows that the booking is part of a Multiple Booking series.

This is displayed on a Recurring Booking.

This shows you that the booking in question has been invoiced. 

The globe icon is used for bookings made externally. For example, using the Operate Portal, the booking widget or a third party booking agent (via Space Publisher). 

Bookings with this icon have notes attached to them. You can quickly view the notes by hovering over the booking and holding your cursor on it. A popup will appear which will provide details about the booking, as well as any notes.


Colours allow you to highlight bookings according to the stage they're in.

  • Green - Confirmed - The booking is confirmed and ready to enforce/invoice. 

  • Blue - Provisional - This is a potential booking, not ready to invoice, which can be subject to change or cancellation.

  • Light Red - In use  - This is a good way for you to highlight booked spaces that are currently in use. This will change the green color of a confirmed booking to light red. You can click the 'Standard' button to remove the 'In Use' highlight once the booking is completed.

  • Light Orange - To Be Cleared changes the color of your booking to orange. It's recommended to use it when your room has recently been vacated and needs to be cleared to prepare it for the next booking. This would only occur during clearence time, therefore, once this passes, the status is no longer relevant, since the room has already been occupied again. 

  • Dark Orange - Unassigned - The room has been inquired about by a potential client and the slot has been blocked for a potential booking. This is subject to change or cancellation and does not constitute an actual booking.

  • Khaki - Cleared changes your booking color to a light green and highlights the fact that the room has been cleared and is ready for the next booking. 

  • Gray - Cancelled - The booking has been cancelled. This type of booking will only be displayed on the Calendar if you turn on the Show Cancellations toggle.  

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