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A Meeting Room Is Not Being Displayed on the Operate Portal
A Meeting Room Is Not Being Displayed on the Operate Portal
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Please check the Meeting Room Product record and ensure that the following fields have been configured: 

  • Capacity - meaning the number of people that the room can accommodate. 

  • Reservations Product Group - When selecting the Product Group for your Meeting Room record, please make sure that it is marked as a Reservations group. Learn more about Managing Product Groups

  • Portal Availability - Please go to Additional Options, at the bottom of the page, and make sure that "Can book on Portal" is ticked. 

  • Style / Layout - Select the style of the room so that the Portal can display it, because there is an option through which your clients can select the layout. 

  • Start Dates - if you meeting room has a start date after the date you are trying to book, then it will not display in the search results

Please Note:

Your Portal Meeting Room Settings (Settings > General > Portal > Meeting Rooms) allow you to hide the room layout selection dropdown on the booking page. 

If you choose to do so, please set the Room Style / Layout to Boardroom. This is mandatory, otherwise the room will not be displayed onto the Portal, even if another layout is selected. 

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