Exporting Operate Reports

Use your data with other tools or print your Operate reports

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You can export your Operate Reports either as raw data, in .csv format; or in printable view, as a .pdf or Excel file. 

Here is what you need to do to export:

  • Log into your Operate account at operate.essensys.tech.  

  • Go to Reports.

  • Search for the report that you want to export. Please note that if you are not an Administrator in Operate, then some reports may not be accessible to you, depending on the modules they use and your access to those modules. If there is at least one module in the report to which you do not have access, then the report will not be visible. 

  • Click the name of your report to open it.  

  • Once the report opens, you will see the export options at the top: 

Exporting to CSV

  • Click Export to CSV. 

  • A .csv file named after your report will be downloaded. You can open this file in Excel or any other spreadsheet manager you might be using. You can also use it to import the data into other applications. 

Exporting a Printable Report in PDF

  • Click Printable View (PDF).

  • Your browser should then open a .pdf file which you can either download or print directly from within your browser. Please note that the more columns your report contains, the smaller the font will become, since Operate needs to fit all of them onto one page width. Operate will change the page orientation from portrait to landscape if necessary, but depending on your report, there might be times when the font will be too small to read comfortably. In case you need to, we recommend exporting the printable view to Excel, where you can place the report width on multiple pages. You can edit your print preview preferences in the report settings, explained here.

  • If your report is Tabular or Summary, some data will be linked within the file, to the actual Operate record )e.g. Accounts or Products).

On Tabular and Summary Reports, your printable view will link to the records corresponding to the data you are viewing. If you click on a link in the .pdf file, you will be prompted to log into Operate, then taken to the record that corresponds to the link you clicked on. This is the case for any staff member who has access to Operate in general and to the modules in question in particular. Read more about Operate User Access and Security Groups.

Exporting an Excel Printable Report

  • Click Printable View (Excel).  

  •  An .xls file will download to your computer, containing your data in a printable format, similar to the PDF. 

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