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WiFi Secure, WiFi Guest and WiFi MAC and understanding which WiFi Network suits the device you are connecting?

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You have 3 Wi-Fi (SSID's) that are broadcast at your location. These are;

WiFi Secure

The essensys username based WiFi Secure solution uses a single SSID across your site which your clients use to access their secure Network. Each person who needs access to the Wi-Fi should be set up as a User on Connect. To find out more information on how to do this please see here. To understand how clients can still utilize the WiFi Secure with their own network, please see this guide here.

By default, up to three concurrent Wi-Fi devices may be connected using their Connect username and this password. The number of concurrent devices may be changed, click here to learn how.

To also understand which users and how many devices they are connecting to the WiFi Secure network, please see this guide here which will take you through accessing and understanding the information shown.

WiFi MAC or WiFi Device

WiFi MAC is for all other devices which cannot connect to the WiFi Secure. This would be for example; WiFi Printers, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast and other Audio and Visual Equipment. To understand on how to set up these devices on Connect and then the WiFi MAC itself, please see this guide here.

WiFi Device is also used for devices as above. If you would like guides on how to connect devices to WiFi Device please see these guides for; Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Airtame, Chromecast.

WiFi Guest

WiFi Guest is a customizable guest network for your Meeting Room or Clients Guests. Depending on your setup, you may require a Password or an Open network that requires a Splash Page to complete before accessing the internet.

To understand on how to customize your Guest WiFi Splash Page please see this guide here.

If you would like the password or name of the Guest Wi-Fi to be changed, please raise a support case. For this request the guide here will show you how to raise a support case.

The default timeout for the WiFi Guest network is 480 Minutes and the idle timeout for WiFi Guest is 1000 seconds. This would make devices reconnect after this time. If you would like this modified please do raise a case within Connect.

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