Portal Access Levels Explained

Your Operate Contacts are all able to have access to your Portal if you, or another contact in their Organisation with existing access, invites them.

Whoever invites a Contact to the Portal, can manage the access that the new Contact has to areas within the Portal, using Portal Access Levels.

There are 3 levels of access that a Contact can have:

  • Admin - has access to all areas of the Portal.
  • Mid - has access to all areas of the Portal apart from the My Account area.(The My Account area allows Contacts to view, download or pay invoices, see statements and contract details).
  • Basic - has NO access to the My Account area, or the Manage Users area.(The Manage Users area allows Contacts to invite, delete and edit other Contacts within their Organization).

NOTE: The first Contact created for an account will automatically have Admin access.


Here is a detailed list of access permissoins for each type of user:

Setting Portal Access Levels

You can set or change the Portal Access Level at any time for any of your Contacts in Operate.

To do this, go to Contacts in the left hand menu to find the Contact in the list; or search for the one that you want to edit using the filter: 

Click the pencil icon next to the contact to edit it, scroll and expand the Contact information section. Here is where you will find the Portal Access Level field, where you can select from: Basic, Mid and Admin. Make a selection, then save your changes.


If you have several users in your Portal who all have the same email address as the User that you are logged in as (as in the screenshot below), you will not see the option to change the Portal Access Level for these users:

In this example, we are logged in as Anthony Rodrigues with anthony@rjmetis.com, I cannot change the Portal Access Level for Sam Snead, Dave Smith and a duplicate Anthony Rodrigues.

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