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Customizing Record Types in essensys Operate
Customizing Record Types in essensys Operate

Create, Edit and Delete Record Types in essensys Operate

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Operate comes with default record types, corresponding to its different modules; but you can also create your own. It’s very quick and easy: simply go to the Settings > Customize section and select the module that you want to create the record type for.

  • Under your chosen module, select Record Types to get started. For the purpose of this guide, we will be working with the Accounts module.     

  • Click New, right above your list of record types.

  • Enter your Record Type Details - Enter a label, name and description, then select the page layout that you want to use for this record type.      

  • Click Save to complete your setup. Once your record type is saved, it will be available for use under the module you have associated it with. In our example, Coworking will be available as a type of account, for any existing or newly created accounts.

NOTE: New record types will not be applied to any existing accounts; you need to edit the account and change the record type.

Deleting a Record Type

IMPORTANT: Default record types cannot be deleted. You can only delete the ones that you have created yourself.

  • To delete a record type, go to Settings > Customize, choose your module and select Record Types. Once again, we are working with the Accounts module, in our example.

  • Find the record type in the list.

  • Click the “x” icon next to the record type label, then click Yes to confirm your choice.

Editing a Record Type

You can edit both default and custom record types by going to Settings > Customize and choosing your module. Click the record type label to access the detail page; make your desired changes then be sure to save.

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