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With Operate, you can add multiple locations of your workspace business and manage them all in one place. In this guide, we will look at how you can manage your locations.

In order to have access to a new location in your Operate account, you first need to purchase a license from essensys. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a licence for a new location.

The Operate area that is dedicated to locations management is Space > Locations. Here is where you will find any pre-existing locations and add new ones when needed.

Adding a new Location requires several types of information, to ensure that your system uses this new location correctly.

  • Basic Information

  • Directions to Location

  • Building Contact Information

  • Site Manager

  • Site Photos

  • Site Financial Details

  • Client Types

We will go through each of these points within this guide.

Locations/Sites are not to be confused with Organizations, Locations which represent the buildings where your Organization is renting space; while Organizations represent the legal entity(ies) that you conduct business under.  

Organizations are the main management module and Locations come second.

Add Basic Information

  1. Site Name - Enter a name by which you will want to identify this particular location in the future.

  2. Online Alias - Add an alias - This could be different or the same as the site name.

  3. Address - Add the main address of the location. Use the next two address lines to enter any additional address information. Enter the Town/City, County/State, Postcode/Zip, Country.

  4. Add a Telephone number.

  5. Enter a main Email address that is being used to contact the location.

  6. Add the Opening Time.

  7. Add the Closing Time.

  8. Add Building Amenities - Choose from the list on the left and use the arrows to add them as available, in the right hand side list. 

Add Directions to the Location

Be as specific as you can and use widely known landmarks to make it easier for your staff to give directions and for your customers to reach your location.

  1. Driving Directions

  2. Nearest Tube Stop

  3. Nearest Rail Station

  4. Walking Directions

Add Building Contact Information

This section covers a variety of contacts for different needs of your location, such as a emergency contact, courier, taxi, security, maintenance or insurance. .

  1. After Hours Emergency Contact

  2. Local Courier Company

  3. Courier No.

  4. Local Taxi Company

  5. Taxi No.

  6. Building Security Company

  7. Building Security Contact No.

  8. Boiler/Heat Maintenance

  9. Boiler/Heat Contact No.

  10. Insurance Company

  11. Insurance Contact No.

  12. Lift Maintenance

  13. Lift Maintenance No.

Enter Site Manager Information

  1. Manager Name

  2. Manager Email

  3. Manager Mobile/Cell

  4. Manager Photo

  5. Manager Telephone

Upload Location Photos

You can upload up to four photos from your new location. Click Upload image, then browse your computer for the desired photo. You can crop the picture using the handles around it, if needed. Please ensure the image file is less than 1Mb in size.

Add Site Financial Information

This can help you easily identify financial information that customers who rent at this location will need in order to pay for the bills you issue.

  1. Use Location Bank Details

  2. Bank Name

  3. Bank Address

  4. Bank Account Number

  5. Sort Code

  6. IBAN

  7. Swift Code

  8. ACH Bank Name

  9. ACH Account Name

  10. ACH Bank Address

  11. ACH Account No

  12. ABA #

Assigning Client Types

Client Types link your location to your organization and define what kind of clients are present at the location. Please read the dedicated guide on assigning client types to your location.

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