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Adding a Prospect Account to essensys Operate
Adding a Prospect Account to essensys Operate

Add a Prospect Client to essensys Operate

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When you have a new prospective customer, you can add an Account for them in Operate. There are two methods to do so: 

  1. By converting a lead - Here is where you can choose between creating a Prospect or an Account. All you need to do is to select Prospect. Read more about Converting a Lead in Operate.

  2. Manually - To add a prospect from scratch, select Member > Accounts and click New / or Get Started if this is your first record. On the Account Types screen, select Prospect.

The information that you enter on your customer account records will be automatically pulled into other modules, such as Sales, Licences, Invoicing or Reports.. Below we will discuss how to add the needed information to your Customer Account Records. 

Please keep in mind that this is the default Account Layout - if you have customized yours, you may see additional fields that have been added. 

Please also note that Prospect accounts cannot be used for meeting room bookings on the Calendar. 

Add Basic Information

  • Add the Owner of the account - the person primarily responsible for the relationship with the prospect.

  • Enter the Account Name - This is generally the name of the prospect company.

  • Add the Email associated to this prospect account.

  • Enter a Mobile/Cell number.

  • Enter the Telephone to be used for this account.

  • Add the Location of the account - This is the building where the account holder is using your products and services. In our example image below, the customer is renting space in Chelsea Tower; therefore this is the location we will add to the account.

  • Select the Client Type. The default client types are listed below. Yours may look and behave differently - please read about setting up Client Type to learn more.

  • Virtual - Clients who only require virtual services without renting physical space.

  • External - Clients who rent meeting rooms.

  • Club Member - A client who might rent on a longer term, but does not have a fixed space assigned.

  • You can add a new client type by clicking the “+” sign next to the dropdown or customize the list under Settings > General > Organizations > Client Types.

  • Select the prospect’s Industry.

  • Add their Website.

  • Select the Lead Source.

  • Add the prospect’s Company Number.

  • Add their VAT Number.

Add Broker Details

Here is where you can select the broker who has sent in the prospect, add any reference about them, select the main contact and add in their email address.

Add Address Information

Here is where you can enter the address and registered address details of your customer.This information will be pulled in all areas where the account address is required.

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