To update an existing account in Operate, go to Member > Accounts.

Find the account that you want to update - you can either use the list views on the left to browse for it or the filter search box on the right to look for a keyword.

To Edit an account, click the pencil icon next to the record.

To Delete an account, click the red “x” sign next to the record, then confirm your choice.

You can also select multiple records and click the Delete button at the top to remove them all in one go.

To Quickly Update a certain field on multiple records at once, select the records you want to update, then click the Update button at the top. Here is where you can select the field you need and change it on all selected records in one go.

To change the account type, simply click the Account Name to view it, click Actions and select Change Record Type. 

You will then have the possibility to change the Account Type to any of your existing ones - either default or custom. Please see the guide on Customizing Record Types to learn more.

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