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essensys Operate Opportunities Overview
essensys Operate Opportunities Overview

General Information about the Opportunities Module in essensys Operate

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What is an Opportunity?

When a lead is qualified, it becomes an opportunity. This essentially means that you have gained a prospect, and there is an opportunity for that prospect to become a customer.

Opportunities are found under Sales > Opportunities. They are created manually after the corresponding lead is qualified by your organization.

The Opportunity Management Process within Operate - Best Practices

The opportunity management process within Operate occurs in the following approximate order:

Step 1 - Create or Update your Opportunity

You can also create a new opportunity directly from the dedicated section or by converting a lead. It is recommended to check the opportunity record within Operate and update it according to any change that might occur.

Step 2 - Nurture Your Prospect

Operate allows you to track the communication, create tasks or book tours for your opportunity, to facilitate cooperation and increase your chances of gaining a new customer.

You can also overturn the opportunity or mark it as lost.

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