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essensys Operate Email Features
essensys Operate Email Features

General Information about how to send emails from Operate

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essensys Operate comes with an integrated communication module, which you can use to send and receive email messages, create email campaigns and mailing lists and communicate with your customers on the workspace you’re managing through the system.

For more information about how emails from each of these features are sent, and who they appear to be sent from, see this article

Some of the email communication features that Operate provides are:

  1. 2-way email - Accessible from the envelope icon at the top right, near your profile picture - This allows you to sync Operate with your regular email inbox so that all of your incoming messages are imported into the system. You can reply to them directly from within Operate and your replies will also be sent to your regular email client inbox.

  2. Mailing Lists - You can easily create and manage mailing lists from under Member > Mailing Lists and also email the people included in your lists, using the Member > Emails area. Mailing Lists come with filtering options so that you can choose who to email and for what particular purpose. It’s an efficient way to communicate to specific types of customers or prospects, increase engagement and sales.

  3. Email Campaigns allow you to organize your emails together and communicate efficiently with your customers or prospects. Unlike Mailing Lists, which allow you to organize people/contacts, Email Campaigns allow you to organize the emails themselves. You can access them under Member > Email Campaigns.

  4. Email Templates, which you can configure under Settings > Customize > Email Templates, allow you to save time when communicating with your contacts by using pre-written text and variables that pull information from within the system so you don’t have to do it manually, every time when you need to email someone. You can use templates when communicating with one individual contact or with an entire mailing list; which means that you only need to send one email and communicate to hundreds of contacts.

  5. Custom Signature so you can keep your branding consistent.

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